Our Story


Ericka’s dedication to college access and Judy’s work in leadership development sparked many geek-out discussions about what makes people good and what connects us all. In an effort to continue geeking out on a larger scale, Ericka and Judy created Unitee Values. Their vision is to extend these conversations about core values by encouraging kids (and adults) to live their values out loud. And have spontaneous dance parties.


About Unitee Values

What if we asked our children to be brave? What if we recognized their grit as much as we recognized greatness? What if being “awesome” meant being your authentic self? What if we matched their enthusiasm and saw the world through their magic-seeking glasses? Unitee Values celebrates our tots’ tenacity and strength of character. “Live Your Values Out Loud” is not just a slogan, but our call to (tiny) arms to live with purpose and wonder!

Each one of our shirts reflects a core value we think many kids already have. Our guess is that their adult counterparts have them, too. So, let’s talk about it, let’s celebrate them, and let’s live those values on purpose.

How We Give Back

At Unitee Values, we live our values by donating a portion of the proceeds to non-profit organizations that empower kids to live a creative, kind, inclusive life, with courage and grit.

A portion of this month's proceeds will go to Project 88, a non-profit that encourages a “college going culture” and supports leadership development in low-income, high-need communities.