Live your values outloud

What if instead of asking our children to be the best, we asked them to be the bravest? What if we shift the focus from greatness to grittiness? Unitee celebrates our tots' tenacity and strength of character over all else. To live your values out loud is not a slogan, but our call to (tiny) arms.


Grit & Growth


A growth mindset is the belief that where you are now is not where you will always be. Failure can be fascinating, obstacles are an opportunity to experiment, and challenges bring out your game face.



Childhood friendships come with very few strings attached. Proximity and a willingness to play are the only prerequisites for childhood friendship. Imagine if adults could walk up to other adults, shed all insecurity, and simply ask, "Want to play?"



Creative and curious kids approach the world with more questions than answers, their classroom is boundless and their eyes search for newness around every corner. Magic is there for those who seek it.



To be courageous is to gallantly move forward while understanding there may not be a medal ceremony at the end. More often, it is a tacit promise to oneself to keep trying when no one is watching. 




Kindness is a intangible currency not bound by time or nation. Share a high five, give a helping hand or split a cookie: compassion can elevate others, as well as yourself, to unreachable heights.