Why only 5 values?

Core values are the pillars that (should) drive our decisions. It isn't a laundry list of aspirations. That's too much pressure. Core values form the foundation of who we are, and they can be different for everyone. How did we come up with these five? We thought for a long time about what makes childhood so special. Then we thought about what we've forgotten as we've grown up, and what goodness the world could use now. We limited our values to five (for now) to start a conversation about what would happen if we celebrated these values in our kids, and intentionally parented with these values in mind. If these values aren't your CORE values, that's okay! Tell us what's missing for you.

How do I sign up for Unitee Value's mailing list?

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How can I be a part of Unitee Value's mission?

We want you to live your values out loud! And then share with us what that looks like. It can be hard to "see" values, and we want your help in making them seen. Did you make a mistake in front of your child and then laugh about it together? Did you see your child's magic in the mess? Are you finding ways to show them that resilience is a super power? Did you match your kids' excitement at the sight of something completely and utterly ordinary? Have you found yourself saying, "I know you're scared AND you can do this"?

Share your stories and your photos with us! Email us at hello@uniteekids.com. Or tag us with #uniteekids and #liveyourvaluesoutloud and @uniteekids on Instagram.

I have a great idea for a shirt!

Phenomenal, we're always looking for great ideas! Please send your thoughts and comments to hello@uniteekids.com.

What actions does Unitee Values take to instill these values in the community?

We donate to 2-4 organizations per year. We select organizations that instill strong values in kids with the purpose of empowering them, providing opportunities, and creating stronger communities. We highlight our partnering organizations on Instagram and Facebook, so follow us there! Do you have a deserving organization in mind? Let us know! 


Do you have a size chart?

Of course we do! You can view it here.

Do you offer adult sizes? 

We're excited to know you want to live your values out loud too. Currently, we don't offer adult sizes, but sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on shirts! Who knows, we may start doing adult sizes soon (hint hint).


What are your shipping/return policies?

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What if there's a problem with my order?

We believe you should be 100% satisfied with your order. If there's any issue, please email us at orders@uniteekids.com.

I haven't received my order yet!

You should receive your package within 5-10 days within ordering. If there's any issue, please contact us at orders@uniteekids.com.